Services and Pricing


Meticulous polishing of the final draft to weed out typos, errors in spelling, punctuation, homophones (your vs. you’re), word usage, grammar issues, double or missing words, and other slip-ups.


Spelling, punctuation, typos, plus more thorough scrutiny of grammar, sentence structure, word usage, clarity and flow of prose. For fiction, this also includes issues such as POV shifting, continuity (breaks her leg Monday, runs marathon Friday), consistency of tone and style, basic fact checking, and genre-specific considerations.


Examines overall structure and novel craft issues—story logic, plot, character arcs, believability, scene structure, tone, prose style, pacing, tension, opening hook, show/tell, dialogue, chapter endings and transitions.


Deeper structural edits where I work with you on either an in-progress or completed manuscript through the revision stage to the final polish. Often combined with author mentoring.


A sample edit and email discussion will give both of us a chance to see if we are a good match or not.

Proofreading and copyediting corrections and suggestions will be made using the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word, which allows you to accept or reject a change.

If you prefer hard copy, that can be arranged. You will also receive a comment sheet including the reference resources used. The content edit includes an analysis report with suggestions for revisions.


Because every writer is unique, you and I will negotiate a final price together based on the level of editing you request and what the work requires. My prices range from .007 to .009 per word for proofreading and copyediting. Prices run higher for content editing and developmental editing.  I offer discounts if you would like final stage proofreading or copyediting following an earlier stage edit.

Email me at or use my contact form to ask further questions or to request a sample edit.

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