“How lucky am I to have Alicia as part of my team! Always professional, honest, and thorough, her editing skills are impressive, and she has saved me from myself on more than one occasion (my favorite was when she rescued me from a bulge being a bugle—that scene would have gone very differently)! I trust her to catch all those sneaky mistakes—and she always does. Reasonably priced, she is well worth the expense to polish and refine my books. I cannot recommend her enough.”

K.J. Jackson, USA Today bestselling author of Regency historical romance 

517gg7gkpql“Alicia at iProofread And More has always been extremely professional but personable at the same time. As a first time author, I found her extremely helpful with her suggestions for both content edits and copy edits. Since then, she has edited four of my books. I always feel her suggestions enhance my stories even more. I’ve learned a great deal from her, and she has always been available for questions. She has allowed me to grow as an author while keeping true to my style of writing. I definitely recommend Alicia!”

Natalie Ann, USA Today bestselling author of the Road Series and the All Series

Alicia is a vital part of my team. I wouldn’t feel confident self-publishing without her help. She’s professional and edits with a light hand. I never dread getting the manuscripts back from her. I highly recommend her services to other writers.”

Anne R. Tan, author of the Raina Sun mystery series

Alicia at iProofread And More was an invaluable asset in the development of my first novel. In addition to providing highly professional editorial services with great attention to detail, she skillfully guided me on all elements of novel craft. Throughout the process, she was patient, objective, and extremely helpful in providing examples to support her suggestions. I highly recommend her.

Bob Fitzgerald, author of Adman Cowboy

“I came to Alicia as a first-time author for whom English is a second language. Looking back, my first draft was a mess full of grammar errors, jumps in point-of-view, boring beginning, inconsistencies, and on and on. In her developmental edit, Alicia not only cleaned up the obvious problems, but she greatly helped to structure the story and give it the right rhythm and tone. She also provided a sounding board and valuable criticism. Alicia helped with development of characters, making them come across real rather than just pieces of the story. And she possibly spared me trouble by pointing out the risks involved in certain types of quotations. Alicia is a great editor and a partner that every writer should have.”  

  D.R. Bell, author of political thriller series The Counterpoint Trilogy

“I was recommended to Alicia by a fellow author and have used her services for each of my books. Her insights into overall character and story development are incredibly helpful. I’ve always considered myself well-versed in all things punctuation and grammar, but Alicia definitely takes first place in that category. Her eagle eyes are an invaluable part of my publishing process.”

Andrea Domanski, author of the new adult urban fantasy Omega series

I am a huge fan of Alicia at iProofread and More! She has become a key member of my team over the years spanning my last four books. I’ve depended on her careful eyes, professional work ethic and scheduling flexibility and she never lets me down. Most importantly, Alicia knows how to make spot-on suggestions without changing my voice which makes my writing process more enjoyable and the editing phase seamless. Thank you Alicia!!

Jackson Stein, author of  Vampire Mafia and Dracula Rising paranormal thriller series

“Alicia at iProofread and More is everything a writer could want from an editor: she’s professional, dependable, thorough, accessible, and affordable. I know when I give Alicia my writing, she’s going to get quality work done on schedule and open my eyes to mistakes I would never have caught on my own – saving me embarrassment in book reviews. Any time I have a follow-up question about an edit, Alicia is quick and comprehensive in her response. I recommend her to all my writing friends.”

Tamara Ward, bestselling author of the Jade O’Reilly mystery series

51ysqlwqpal“I fretted over searching for an editor. I’ve struggled with grammar and spelling as someone who is dyslexic. I want my books to be as clean as they can be, but it’s difficult to catch them all before they go to a professional editor like Alicia. She does an excellent job. I get countless compliments from readers and reviewers noting how clean the novels read and about the lack of errors. Thank you so much, Alicia!!”

Tina Gower, multiple award-winning author of The Outlier Prophecies urban fantasy series 


“I’ve used iProofread and More for my books and I couldn’t be happier! Alicia does professional work, great editing, and has a quick turnaround time. Highly recommended!

Jodi Vaughn, USA Today bestselling author of paranormal and contemporary romance 


“Alicia delivers excellence! Not only did she put an amazing coat of polish on my manuscript, she saved me with a last-minute request when my other editor had an emergency and had to drop the project. Her commitment to her clients shines through in every phase of her work. I definitely plan to use her for my future projects.”

Barb Han, USA TODAY bestselling author of romantic suspense 

John L Inborn“I was fearful about turning my precious work of art over to an editor. Like a nervous new parent searching for my baby’s first sitter, I interviewed many candidates for the job and really agonized over it. After I sent off my beloved manuscript to Alicia Street, I worried that calamity would soon arrive. She would destroy it. Not get it. I would have to sacrifice my voice for the evils of grammar and punctuation. She would read my magnificence in all its glory and tell me that I should consider knitting instead. None of this happened. Instead, let me describe what happened like the Epic Fantasy writer I am. Alicia Street is pure magic! I sent her a mess of a novel, and she helped me polish it into a sparkling gem. I am amazed at the level of her insight and thoroughness. The whole process turned out to be painless, simple, fast, and extremely professional. I couldn’t possibly recommend someone more highly.”  

J. Lawrence, fantasy author of Inborn and Ramphyr  


“Alicia is an exceptional editor.  She has the ability to edit the finest grammatical detail as well as understanding the whole story.  (I wonder if she can chew gum at the same time!)  I’m lucky to have found someone as skilled as Alicia to read and edit my YA novels and I look forward to sending her my next book.”

Jeanne Skartsiaris, author of YA novels Surviving Life and Snow Globe

“iProofread And More is an irreplaceable must have for any publishing author. Alicia is as good as it gets for content and copy editing babymaker. cover.snow wars. box set.blkand she really knows her genres.  She is reliable, accommodating, consistent turn around times, and extremely competitive rates for the high quality you are getting. I’ve used her for eight of my books (two different genres) and can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my series. My books are more professional and polished and I am a better writer because of her mentorship. I don’t just use her when she’s available, I wait for her, because she is that good.”    

 N.S. GRIMM, author of the Snow WarsRamblers, and the Baby Maker series

“After multiple attempts to find an editor who knows what needs to be done and can convey that in a succinct and easily understandableSecret_ofthe_ASSASIN-ebook-BLUE-copy evaluation of a manuscript, I have found that rare jewel in Alicia at iProofread And More. I was totally impressed with her top level of editing and proofing. It is a pleasure to work with a professional like Alicia. My hunt for an editor and proofreader is over. Thank you, Alicia, for all you did to help me and the guidance you provided in your comments.”

Tom Haase, author of the Donavan Chronicles thrillers

“I have the highest regard for the outstanding work my editor, Alicia Street, has done for my children’s novel. She was Legend-of-Butterfield-Farm-187x300easy to work with, and more importantly, her edits were brilliant. She did a complete content edit as well as a copy edit, and it made a huge difference in the quality and flow of my story. I will be coming back to her for each of my future books. She is the real deal.”

D.D. Larsen, author of The Legend of Butterfield Farm


“Alicia at iProofread And More has given me the freedom to write and publish without worry. Did I get all of the grammar correct? Are COP200x300my characters wearing different clothes from one scene to the next? Did I refer to Virginia as a state or a commonwealth? Alicia is incredibly knowledgeable and her technical skill is excellent.

“Her insight into things like story structure, pacing, tone and authentic dialogue have been of immeasurable help to me. She explains her edits and suggestions in easy to use comments along with citations of the grammatical rules and texts when applicable, so you will understand why each edit makes sense. Selecting the best editor for your book is one of the most important decisions you will make as an author. I was fortunate to find Alicia.” 

Gregory Carrico, author of the Sand series and Children of the Plague         


“Alicia provides an exceptional service. I find proofing to be one of the most nerve-wracking pieces of the writing process. I’m running up against a deadline, everything is done but for the final piece…and I want to tear my hair out at the point. Alicia made the proofing process simple, easy, and as stress-free as I could hope. I’ve recommended her to several of my writing buddies and will continue to do so. Two thumbs up!”

Kate Baray, author of the Lost Library paranormal romance series 

KeiraMontclair_TheDukeAndTheDressmaker_200px“I highly recommend Alicia Street’s copyediting services. It gives me peace of mind to self-publish with her level of expertise to support me. Alicia does a phenomenal job of correcting my mistakes and making suggestions without attempting to change my voice. I will definitely use her services again. Thanks, Alicia, for the quality of services you provide at a reasonable price!”

Keira Montclair, bestselling historical romance author 

51X2mTtBK5L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_“An amazing editor is hard to find. When that amazing editor is also affordable, that’s a rare gem. iProofread and More is that rare gem. I enjoyed the professional way everything was handled along with the genuine concern for producing a product worth standing behind. I’ve recommended iProofread and More on various occasions and would gladly do it again.”

Angela Brown, paranormal romance author of the NEO Chronicles                      


“Alicia is a pleasure to work with and made the editing process efficient, effective, and timely. She is detail-oriented, provides thoughtful critique, and offers a fresh perspective. Alicia is a true professional and I highly recommend her editing services.”

Gina Azzi, author of YA novel Corner of Ocean and Bay

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